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This article is in french: 24 heures par jour

2010-04-17 16:16:58 by Theblackgoat

Il y a de ces moments où les cités tombent,
Sur des nuages sombres et s'écroulent
Au-bas des échafauds, en maquette dolente,
Tel une lumière qui croiserait sa tombe...
Avec les coeurs, au clair de lune, qui se saoulent,
Perçant des rayons nuptiaux au travers de mentales fentes,

Il y a de ces jours où les verves sont si lourdes, si creuses,
Que les anges ne savent plus où s'abattre, sur terre ou mer,
Crachant les dernières paroles poussiéreuses
D'un espoir aussi léger que l'Éther,

Il y a de ces instants où plus rien ne compte, où les chiens
Sont errant, esseulé, pris au piège dans une réalité sans étroits liens...

Il y a de ces nuits où j'entends les échos de cris aberrants, de chants pathétique... de pleurs amoureux...


Weird messages

2010-04-16 12:35:51 by Theblackgoat

" I promised myself I'd never write an entry about anything, well... I've failed. "

That's what I was thinking back then, until I received THE message, a pretty awkward one.
Oh yeah, it is strongly possible that people, not knowing me or thinking that I'm a freak, won't read this, I don't care, I'm lefting that message in a bott... well... in newground's arse so that one day, a nasty sailor chick could read it!

Anyways, I've received my first personal message on NG today... it goes like this:

" Yo!

i wuz going round this site, & I stumbled upon your profile. U seem to be a pretty cool person, however I'm quite inexperienced at this sorta thing, and don't know where to go. Can't they have some sort of chatting program here? Well, i can't stand writing messages to ppl, and maybe never getting anything back. Well, if you feel like chattin' with me, you could check me over at
(A website link where nobody give a damn and that is actually a meeting dumb site)

So, ya, hope to see you there. always looking to meet more people.

[name deleted for privacy] "


Okay, first of all, the chick didn't had a picture on that website, yeah I know, I was checking, but honestly, who wouldn't, we're all so curious and stuff. Oh well. Then I was thinking, maybe it is a weird dude, or.. a greek nanny. In both case, I don't want to meet them. x_x

So I was thinking, who could possibly send such messages in such a website, I mean, it ain't a site of hot date, live webcam shows or a freak hookers place. No. Still, people don't understand that we don't give a fuck about if they think we're hot or not, if I'd do so on a profile, people would think I'm weird or would probabl deliver a complaint to the police for sexual harassment, while I'd be excited looking at the pictures of a horse. I mean, what kind of world is this?!

I'm just a goat, forgive me. ^__^


PS: Oh yeah, talking about greek nanny, they would be great if they looked like, I don't know, Julia Alexandratou, but they usualy more look like this:

Weird messages